Dad's Tribute: Call Of Duty On Soldier Son's Grave

Touching? Whether a man and his son enjoy kicking a football or playing a video game together, who's to judge. But there is a helpless irony in seeing Call of Duty left on the grave of a fallen soldier.

In Wales, the 200th U.K. soldier to die in the Afghanistan conflict was memorialized this weekend. Pvt. Richard Hunt would have been 22 today, Hundreds came to pay their respects.

His father Phillip, enjoyed playing Call of Duty: World at War with his son. He left a copy of the game at his grave (along with a wreath and many other memorials). It bore the note: "Happy Birthday 'Hunty'. Play you again one day. Dad."

Hundreds Join Tribute to Soldier [BBC via GamePolitics]


    Fair enough, I play call of duty co-op with my dad sometimes, it's the only game he can stand and without me helping him he wouldn't be getting anywhere, lol.

    thats really sad dude, still not sure if a violent game was the best sort of tribute though

      Dude, in this case it was the perfect tribute.

      I'm not really sure you're the person who should be judging how a man pays tribute to his dead son either.

      He's simply a person that can tell the very real difference between animated violence and the real thing, and if you're so brainless that you can't - then you shouldn't be playing.

    There's more than one form of irony here too, if you take in account the suggestion that a lot of the modern-day grunts in today's Armed Forces are just kids and (in some part) enlisted in the Armed Forces to reinact the thrill of video games, in real life.

    I know the US Army's recruiting method has come much scrutiny for using this tactic.

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