Damnit, Lucasarts, THIS Is The Indiana Jones Game We Wanted

Back at GDC in 2006, Lucasarts showed off some footage of a "next-gen" Indiana Jones game. It looked great! Fast forward three years, however, and that game has been canned, replaced with an awful, awful Wii downgrade.

No, Lucasarts! We wanted the 360/PS3 version, the one with the Euphoria animation technology and the ability to give us a rousing John Williams score and passable Harrison Ford likeness. Not Staff of Kings. Nobody, anywhere wanted what Staff of Kings ended up as.

To help get you over the pain - or, really, to sadistically increase that pain - Unseen64 have dug up some assets for the cancelled "next-gen" project. There are some screenshots (some of which we've seen before), and some rough gameplay videos. Enjoy! Or, be tortured by it. One or the other.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings [X360/PS3 - Cancelled][Unseen64, via Joystiq]


    Yeah i'm pretty sure we saw that a few months back for a trailer of the game.

    It looks like Uncharted but better. Its what Uncharted wishes it was, Indiana Jones. Indy shits all over Drake.

    Such a shame.

    A crappy Wii downgrade and no 360/PS3 love?

    They should note Ghostbusters success and revamp this project

    Videos been taken down.

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