Dead Xbox 360 Auction, Dog Owners Preferred

xbox-360-dog-leashWhat do you do with your Xbox 360 once it's red-ringed itself? You could get it repaired, I suppose, but what if it's out of warranty? You could sell it as a dog tie-out.

Up on eBay right now is an auction for a red-ringed 360. The seller asks: Why pay $300+ for a new XBOX 360 that CAN ONLY play games?

Why indeed, when it has so many other potential uses. Such as:

- Door Stop - Novelty Key Chain - Book Stand - Chopping Board - Car/Bike Stand - Paper Weight - Game Console Stand - Dog Tie-Out - Childrens High Chair - Ironing Board - Bike Ramp

Check out the full listing and several other comedy photos at the link below. It's only $15, but there's still four days to go!

XBOX 360 RROD [eBay]


    Nice to see some forward thinking =)

    bah i remember when mine 2 ringed with that goddamn error 74. it was 2 months out of warranty so i tossed it for a new one, all just a month before Microsoft acknowledged that error 74 should fall under the same extended warranty as 3 rings.

    Am I really confused or didnt Microsoft decide to offer lifetime warranty on Red Rings after that big case.
    This is what I was told last time I got mine serviced.. :S

      Nah, it was 3 years last I heard, that was right after the case finished. Maybe they changed it, but I wouldn't see MS doing that.

    yeah i have launch console and microsoft have always repaired my 360 free of charge

    Or you could take it to your local GAME, they will likely give you some store credit for it ;D

    Bike ramp?

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