Did Final Fantasy Artist Draw 2ch Bear Character?

There were four 2ch Japanese-style ASCII art characters that folks voted on. The most popular selection was drawn by Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D artist Yoshitaka Amano. The winning character?

ASCII art character Yaruo. Below is Amano's take on Yaruo.

An exhibition of Amano's art is being held in Tokyo's Omotesando Hills until August 31.

天野喜孝氏の作品展"Amano Galaxy"開催—自らライブドローイングも [ファミ通.com]


    No.1 is pedobear isnt it?
    does it translate or is he just 'cute' in Japan?

      Nope pedobear is exactly what you think. But probably it lost because we already know what he looks like in drawing.

      He's what pedobear is inspired from, but he's not the same. His name, Kuma, is simply "bear" in Japanese.

    How the hell did pedobear not win.

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