Did You Get Into The MAG Beta?

If you applied for the MAG beta, you might want to check your inbox, because successful applicants are having their beta download codes sent out as you read this.

Some fun facts to go along with the news: the download is only 298MB, and like some other betas, it has limited opening hours, namely 1000-1300 and 1700-2000 PDT (0300-0600 and 1000-1300 AEST), Monday through Friday.

Kind of limiting, we know, but hey, at least you could do some proper beta work with those times; Sony needs help demoing the game at GamesCom this week to those on the showroom floor, so from Wednesday through Sunday people logging in around midnight might find themselves in the unpaid service of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe!


    Did I miss the notification where to sign up a couple months back or what????

    Hopefully Official PS3 beta testers will also hopefully get access

    In it... its fun. Leveling up is different, but familiar. Only 64 ppl per game now... Have it reserved already. Will buy, fo sho.

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