Did You Get Your Secret Team Fortress 2 Medal?

To close out a week of update announcements (and updates!), Valve had one final surprise in store for Team Fortress 2 players tonight, offering the first 11,111 players to reach this hidden site a shiny new medal.

Being limited, the offer is of course already done for, all 11,111 medals claimed within a matter of minutes. Were you one of the lucky ones? As you can probably tell from that screengrab there, I certainly was. Shame I can't poach it on eBay.



    How did become aware of this secret page? Was it linked from somewhere? Emailed to people, hidden with the update text?

    I got mine, Forum trolling close to patch release is always a good idea!

    Dangit, I finish work early excited to play me some TF2 and I see this.

    Now all the centrelink bums on the servers I play on will be more irritating then they usually are.


    Drat, I went to the page when it was available but thought it was suspicious as it was asking me to login to steam so I left empty handed.

    I want that picture in high res wallpaper form NOW

    What does the medal do exactly? Does it just sit on your profile or your does your character wear it or what?

    Got mine from a friend who saw it on 4chan.

      So your friend saw a link on 4chan that took you to a page where you have to enter your steam ID and he did it?

      Lucky it was legit this time..

    I think the heavy has found the medics medal.

    ok valve.. where is our trading system huh? if you going to pull that bullshit id like to trade to get it

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