Distressed-Look 360 Up For Sale On EBay

A British gamer has listed on eBay his red-ringed Xbox 360. And it's in even worse shape than that suggests.

Plainly and repeatedly listed as a "faulty Xbox 360" - and that picture isn't deceptive advertising - UK eBayer jonnyandco05's bricked 360 comes to you "modified for better ventilation, with a turbo inlet on the side." Also, "the disk drive has been repositioned for optimal performance at 37 degrees." No doubt by a massive blow to the case.

The seller says the console ringed and he tried to fix it, but his skills weren't up to it. "Sadly, it does have a bit of fire damage and rage damage." But just a bit.

Pros: Has "authentic Microsoft sticker."

Cons: "Some parts are a bit missing, like the on button." I'm sure that's what's preventing it from starting up.

Bidding started at 1 pence, At time of publication, it was up to £6.01. "Please note if you buy this it is sold as faulty, in quite a faulty way," he writes. "But faulty is the new fashion now days so you may become super trendy. no returns, no refunds, no job."

Kotaku AU Note: If you stand it on its end, does that make it a "faulty tower"?

Faulty xbox 360, bargaiiiinnn quite possibly maybe? [ebay.co.uk, thanks James B.]


    Kotaku AU Note: If you stand it on its end, does that make it a “faulty tower”?


    david.. you're now my new hero.. that was so lame that it brought a tear to my eye

    i need a epipen to the eye after reading that lamo-super lamo comment

    Did he put it in the microwave or something haha?

    E74 Degrees celcius.

    Rip the guts out of it, mount PC components and you've got one uniquely modded box.

    I wonder how much he's offering for it? This would be an extremely interesting case mod! I would rip out the insides, and replace them with working parts - while leaving the outside the way it is, and maybe add a bit of a metal design to it. Chuck a few lighting and cooling mods in as well, and you have an awesome (cheap) case mod!

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