DJ Hero's DJ AM Found Dead In New York

DJ AM, a playable character in Activision's forthcoming DJ Hero, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Friday. Adam Goldstein, as he was known in real life, was a performer with a well-known history of drug addiction, and recovery from it. He was 36.

Tim Riley, the Activision vice president of music affairs, released a brief statement on word of Goldstein's death: "We are deeply saddened by the loss of DJ AM. We hope that his work on the game will be a fitting tribute to his creative spirit and musical talent."

So it doesn't sound like the tragic development changes anything about DJ AM's appearance in the game, due for release Oct. 27.

The Associated Press reported that police found prescription medications and a crack pipe in Goldstein's apartment in New York. Paramedics discovered him shirtless and wearing sweatpants in his bed at 5.20pm on Friday. A friend had called police, alarmed that he was unable to get into the home. There was no evidence of foul play.

Goldstein was quite open about his addiction to crack, ecstasy and other drugs, which led to a failed suicide attempt. MTV planned to debut his reality show in October, in which he would stage interventions for drug abusers.

In 2008, Goldstein was badly hurt in the aeroplane crash that killed four people and seriously injured Travis Barker, the Blink-182 drummer.

Police Find DJ AM Dead in His Apartment [Associated Press on MSNBC]


    "with a well-known history of drug addiction, and recovery from it"

    That makes it sound like he was famous for getting addicted, beating it, then getting addicted again (then repeat the cycle)


      Exactly this.

    yo! whats up with activision and having dead people in their music games.

    DJ who?

    seriosuly who cares - seems like just another piece of druged up scum gone with plenty more to go..

    What irks me is that stuff like this makes the news and we're supposed to care... pfft

      "DJ who?"

      Just because you didn't know him didn't mean no one else did.

      "seriosuly who cares - seems like just another piece of druged up scum gone with plenty more to go.."

      As you've pointed out, you didn't even know who he was.

      "What irks me is that stuff like this makes the news and we’re supposed to care… pfft"

      The media cover things that may interest people. He's a minor celebrity attracting minor media attention.

      I know you didn't know who he was (and honestly, I didn't know either) but, still, someone's just died. A little respect wouldn't hurt.

        I understand where you are coming from, but my point is why should he get any pity or whatever for dying of an OD.

        Hit by a car - yeh sad ok..
        plane crash - same again

        but self inflicted stuff like that, he was just asking for it, he was a drugged up fool, therefore his death doesn't deserve the respect that another person may get for less nefarious reasons.. Drug addicts don't deserve to be news, nor should they be mourned. They knew the risks when they started up the habbit.

        I don't see why I should respect someone who wasn't smart enough to see the inherent damaging effects of drugs.

        Yeah, I get what you're saying. But you don't know why he took them. He could of had a fucked up life and unfortunately decided to go to drugs for respite.

        But I guess that makes me a hypocrite doesn't it? Here I am saying you don't know him (so you can't say the stuff you're saying) but I'm doing the same thing: I made the assumption that he didn't do the drugs just for a good time.

        You'd be right in saying that he shouldn't be mourned if he did the drugs with the intention you feel he did it with. I just feel that there were other reasons. But who knows...

        Whatever his reasons, nefarious or not, if you don't give a shit about him, then don't. You don't have to do or say anything. True, you're allowed to express your opinion, but it can still be done with respect. If not for him, then at least for his family.

        I do understand what you're saying Jimmy. and i thank you for being level headed about my posts.

        I am sorry if i have offended anyone. Just this type of thing gets me.
        I've seen so many of my friends ruin their lives with drugs, so i'm kind of numb to it now...

        Even if he was taking drugs due to some issues, i still don't see that as an excuse. I mean there would be thousands upon thousands of people in worse situation (ie not famous djs's) who don't turn to drugs. So i dont really see it as an excuse.

        The thing that makes me think it was recreational use is the industry he's in. DJ's are pretty much renown for recreational drug abuse (hell all 4 of the friends i have that are dj's are also users of various things).. but you know, thats just from my view.. i could be wrong hey.

    Jesus Christ dude. Somebody died and you're trying to make a political statement out of it? Leave it alone.

    It's the new Madden Curse!

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