Don't Appeal Against Square Enix In Court, You'll Pay Big Time

Back in early 2007, Korean popstar Ivy released a music video that looked remarkably like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Square Enix took Korean entertainment production company Fantom and producer Hong Jeong-ho to court.

And in March 2008, a judgment was passed, ruling in Square Enix's favour with a damage award of approximately US$244,000.

The defendants loaded an appeal, and that the Seoul High Court has reached its decision: Fantom and Hong Jeong-ho must pay approximately US$326,000 to Square Enix.

A statement from Square Enix's General Counsel Yasuhiko Hasegawa reads:

We have been consistent in our claims during this lawsuit regarding the value of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and our Final Fantasy series, as well as the damages the company has suffered as a result of the modification and adaptation made without obtaining permission. The initial amount awarded in this case, 300 Million Korean Won, was the largest the courts in South Korea have ever awarded in cases infringing one single work of art, and having this figure increased to 400 Million Korean Won following an appeal by the defendants is further affirmation of the severity of this copyright infringement as well as the recognition and value the Final Fantasy series has attained in South Korea. Square Enix will continue to take decisive action against any infringements upon our intellectual property, recognising that this property is one of our most crucial resources.


    While this is fair enough, Square Enix defending it's copywright reminds me of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes

    Too bad we will never get to see that fan made work, looked promising.

    Although I am korean myself, I feel ashamed of what korean entertainment industries do a lot - they just use and copy foreign copyright materials blatantly on TV and their shows, and saddest part of it is that the public don't even care where it is from nor they know where it is from.

    I was shocked how they just copy some Japanese pop songs so explicitly and sings as if is theirs.
    In korean we say that "with pubic hairs in their morality".

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