Don't Go Looking For A Wii Price Cut Just Yet

The DS has gotten a price drop — ages ago. But it happened. The Wii, however, is still selling for the price point it had when it launched in late 2006.

Wii sales are slowing down, and at the recent Nintendo investor's meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked this during the Q&A: "Tell me if you are now thinking about cutting the hardware price."

"It's not the case of the quality of hardware moved, the feeling of missing strong competitive power, lacking its lustre or poor sales," replied Iwata. "Consistently, big time titles will be released in the marketplace for this hardware. When that stops, to reinvigorate the console, or to put it another way, I think the current decline in hardware sales is due to the fact that there aren't many big titles (at the moment)."

Does that mean Nintendo is going to cut the hardware price tag? "Right now," Iwata concluded, "there aren't a lot of discussions going on about what exactly to do about hardware pricing."

It sounds like Iwata isn't blaming the Wii or the Wii's price tag for Wii sales during the April - June financial quarter, but the lack of new, big titles. Wii Sports Resort was released in late June, and the title is expected to help console sales.

In a way, Iwata's focus on game titles to move consoles is good news for gamers: It means that Nintendo is focused less on price tags and more on the titles themselves. Good games mean good sales, and that's good for everyone, no?


    I found that with the wii in aus being rrp 399, that a majority of retailers are bundling this item with games/remotes, i know that eb are selling it for 368 outright, not sure if its a sale price [seeing as their sales done and dusted] and finding a a few other retailers selling the wii for the 388 mark outright [when sales are not on] so even if Nintendo are not reducing the price on the console, prices are still marginally cheaper ;o

    There may be no offical price cut, but ive seen many deals in oz, some as low as $300

    Ain't the Wii the cheapest to make & sell.
    Arcade is cheaper but it don't have with HDD & stuff.

    But, i really don't think Wii Sports Resort is a console seller. I mean its not a game i would rush to buy the console to play. I'm no Wii fan so that may play a factor in it. It may offer more than Wii Sports, but my opinion still stands that even though there are more activities in the game, it gets old, REAL QUICK!

    Wii may see some increase with it, but it aint no console seller like Halo, GTA, MGS or any of those!

    Perhaps the decreasing of Wii sales isn't because people AREN'T buying them, just people ARE buying them. But not brand new.
    Perhaps a lot of people aren't finding the re-playability in the console or its games & therefore selling them on ebay or trading them in etc...

    Perhaps Nintendo need to look into those sales to see whether not their sales but Wii "sales" are decreasing or not.

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