Dragon Age: Origins Pre-order Program

Electronic Arts wants to ensure that you buy BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins new, not used, by offering a pre-order incentive program that throws in two pieces of downloadable content. EA's even priced that downloadable content for the latecomers.

The first piece is "The Stone Prisoner" download pack, a pre-order incentive that grants players access to Shale, a "mighty stone golem who can become one of the most powerful party members in the game" and new environments and items. Don't pre-order or buy new? It'll cost you $US15.

The other is the Blood Dragon armour, an "exclusive set of themed armor" that can be worn in Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Finally, there's the Memory Band, an in-game item that grants "+1% to all gained Experience Points and which adds one bonus point that players can use to boost their character's skill set."

EA really, really doesn't want you to buy this used.


    I'm a sucker for this crap... ~sigh~ another preorder coming up.

    Its an interesting and not invasive or useless way of inspiring preorders. It'd be a fairly good idea IF the preorder thing is global. If its not then all it'll do is rip off customers who don't preorder simply because they have no mechanism to do so.

    Is this game infected with EAs DRM bullshit? if not they have a preorder.

      The PC version of Dragon Age is DRM free.

      Lord only knows about Mass Effect 2 at this point.

    I'm really starting to dislike DLC.
    I have no problem with pre-order or collectors edition bonuses that are external to the game, such as maps/artbooks/figurines etc.
    But having the content available at launch, and then withholding it from customers is ridiculous.

    The whole concept is really starting to head towards the 'new car' model of pricing, as in "This much will get you the basic model, but if you pay extra, you can get power windows and air con".

    Then again, I'm also don't believe in pre-ordering games, with the massive amount of hype & marketing that surrounds them these days, and the sheer number that don't actually live up to these expectations, I'm holding my money until I can see what the final product actually is...

    Wait, can you clarify this a bit...
    Do you only get The Stone Prisoner download pack for free if you pre-order?

    OR do you just have to buy it new...pre-order or not?

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