Drinking Games? This Thing Does Drinking Games

This is the Arkeg. It's an arcade cabinet. With a keg inside. The pinnacle of human endeavour, then? I say...yes.

It's not some crazy mod; the Arkeg is a commercial product built to (presumably) a commercial quality, with temperature-control for the keg, external sound controls, a brushed aluminium finish, slide-out keyboard and even a trackball. A trackball!

It comes with 69 games pre-loaded on the system, and these are properly included, with legal rights and everything. Plus, it's PC-based, so if you want to upload more games, you can.

The 69 games are:

1942 1943 720° A.P.B. Arch Rivals Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Battlezone Black Widow Blaster Bubbles Centipede Championship Sprint Commando Crystal Castles Cyberball 2072 Defender Defender II Gauntlet Gauntlet II Gravitar Gunsmoke Hard Drivin' Joust Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest Klax Kozmik Krooz'r Liberator Lunar Lander Major Havoc Marble Madness Millipede Missile Command Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat II NARC Paperboy Pit-Fighter Pong Primal Rage Rampage Rampage World Tour Rampart Red Baron RoadBlasters Robotron: 2084 Satan's Hollow Sinistar Smash T.V. Space Duel Splat! Spy Hunter Spy Hunter II Street Fighter Super Breakout Super Sprint Super Street Fighter II CE Tapper Tempest Timber Toobin' Total Carnage Vindicators Wacko Warlords! Wizard of Wor Xenophobe Xybots

So, yeah, these guys are not kidding around. With their games selection or the price, with an Arkeg setting you back a cool, temperature-regulated $US4000.



    Wouldn't that be great for bars? lol

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