DSi Facebook Connect Hits Australia

nds_nintendo_dsi_ss27Thanks to the new DSi update, you too can now impress your Facebook friends with even more inane photographs.

The update lets you link your DSi to your Facebook account. Once you've logged in your Facebook details, all you need to do is tap the Facebook logo whenever you're looking at a photo and it will instantly upload to your page.

So now everyone can enjoy that lo-res snap you took of your girlfriend with a Mario moustache. See how impressed she looks? Hilarious!


    Meh, all the cool kids are on twitter now

    This was live sunday night...... And its not much of a facebook, its just photo upload.

    But alas, the update blocks flashcards, so no homebrewing anymore.... until team Twiizers get their grouve on and bust out a nice CFW Hack or a Homebrew App.

    also to anyone thinking of using facebook on the DS, the mobile version is the way to go, it fits very nicely on the screen and loads fast :)

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