DSi Goes Retro In Chicago This Weekend

The Nintendo DSi tour bus is hitting this weekend's Retro in Roscoe street festival in Chicago, bringing the high-tech glory of handheld gaming to a celebration of art and antiques.

In addition to providing a bus full of playable DSi units, the press release says that the Mobile Tour bus is "interactive." If this means they let you honk the bus's horn, awesome. If they're just talking about the DSi being interactive, lame.

The press release continues:

With help from on-site Nintendo ambassadors, consumers can use Nintendo DSi to take and manipulate photos, tweak sound recordings and enjoy a wide variety of games. Visitors can print their original souvenir photos on the bus or store them online and download them from home.

Wonder if and how much they'll charge for that?

If you're in Chicago this weekend and plan on hitting the festival, look for the DSi tour bus at Roscoe and Leavitt, near the Four Treys Car Show.

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