Dust: An Elysian Tail Is XNA's Best Looking Game

Dust: An Elysian Tail, an entry in Microsoft's XNA Dream Build Play competition, is not only the best looking video game we've seen from the contest, it might be the best looking downloadable Xbox 360 title ever.

In fact, I'm having a hard time believing it's playable. But considering Dust: An Elysian Tail appears to be based on the animated film Elysian Tail, likely giving the developers access to top notch animation, I'm willing to suspend disbelief.

Watch this gorgeous teaser. Don't let the XNA thing frighten you.


    Nice but XNA games dont come to Australia becasue of our rating law ffs

    hopes it so good they get an XBLA deal

      Waaaait, whoa, hold on. The OFLC shouldn't be stopping this. Not a chance. And I'll tell you why:

      Steam. Games on Steam, while subject to regional availability (which is due to licensing, and is stupid and greedy, but let's not get into that), are NOT rated by the OFLC. While some of the games on there are indeed rated by the OFLC so they can see a retail release in this country, the Steam-versions are not.

      Case in point: The fantastic sidescroller, Aquaria. This is an indie game, released by Bit-Blot, which I'm pretty sure noone's ever heard of. I don't even see an ESRB logo on that page, let alone PEGI or OFLC. The game is unrated in this country, but I sure as hell bought it.

      Other games, like World of Warcraft, do NOT have ratings in Australia. They carry the ESRB's T for Teen logo, which is appropriate based on the content as determined by the American ESRB. The OFLC? Didn't touch it. There isn't a game on the disk for them to rate. So they can't. As such, World of Warcraft is allowed to be sold in this country, despite being totally and utterly unrated.

      So why does Xbox Live Arcade, or XNA, etc, have to be any different? What the hell is going on? Because I really want this game. I will -pay money- for it. Someone let me.

        I think anthrox is actually saying that XNA games aren't available in australia full stop. This may or may not have anything with our rating system, but yeah, as far as I am aware, the XNA channel is not accessible in Aus.

        But that doesn't mean the game won't be moved to XBLA; that would be nice.

    why's the dude running so funny?

    Resemble to Muramasa:Demon Blade, but smoother animation, yet weird foot step animation.

    Art looks good.

    Pity it's furries.

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