EA Sees Big Sales Of The Sims 3, EA Sport Active, Still Losing Money

Electronic Arts may have big sales of The Sims 3 and EA Sports Active to brag about—as well as impressive performance on Nintendo's Wii—but it still lost money this past quarter.

How much it lost is either a little or a lot, depending on which accounting principals you prefer to hold your publicly traded companies to. EA raked in $US644 million its first quarter of the 2010 fiscal year, down from the $US804 million it took in the year prior. That's a $US234 million loss, going by GAAP. It's a $US6 million loss if you're going non-GAAP. Regardless of your personal accounting compass, John Riccitiello seemed pleased with the company's results.

He points to strong sales of The Sims 3, which sold 3.7 million copies during its first month on the market. The company was similarly proud of its Wii Fit competitor EA Sports Active, which helped the publisher double its Wii sales, selling 1.8 million copies during the quarter.

That title, along with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis and Rock Band 2, helped the company secure a 21 percent share on the Wii in North America, a 13 percent share on the Wii in Europe. Not too shabby for a third party!

EA will hold an investors call today to talk more about this money making business, which we're about to listen to.


    Perhaps they didn't release enough games & just focused on a minor few bigger games.

    The marketing for Sims 3 was pretty big. I saw way too many adverts on TV here in Aus for it. The Sim was bound to sell anyway, but they probably wasted a decent amount of millions promoting it even more. Its going to sell overtime with expansions & all.

    Rock Band 2 sales have been dipping anyway as a previous article stated which is normal for an old game thats price has been reduced. & we were/are in a recession so thats a reason for comparing last years earnings where video games had one of its biggest years.

    But if they cut so many jobs back, they're still losing a hefty amount of money... hmmm

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