EA Sports MMA Grabs Randy Couture

Randy Couture, one of the most popular mixed martial arts fighters ever, helping bring it into the sporting mainstream, will be the second fighter headlining EA Sports MMA, the series announced Friday.

Couture (pictured with EA Sports boss Peter Moore above) joins Fedor Emelianenko, announced earlier as a headline athlete. Other named fighters include Gegard Mousasi of the U.S. and Renato Sobral of Brazil.

Couture, in addition to his celebrity, will bring a ground-and-pound fighting style to the game, expected to release sometime next year.

This isn't the first time Couture's appeared in a video game, or in an EA product for that matter. He was in Command & Conquer: Red Alert as Commander Warren Fuller.

MMA News [EA Sports, thanks Synkro]


    This should be interesting, Dana white (head of the UFC) has said he will blacklist any fighter appearing in EA’s game, it was all well and good with Fedor Emelianenko last week because he was a free agent at the time, Randy Couture is actually currently signed to UFC

    I think Dana White just shat bricks.

    Couture's one of my favourites.

    Yeah I'm really surprised that Randy has done this. He has put Dana in an awkward position as I'm sure both of them have alot of respect for each other. Still Randy is getting on, nothing really to lose.

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