EA Trademarks Populous, Road Rash & *Squeal* Wing Commander

EA recently filed brand new trademarks for some real old stuff. Classic stuff, some from EA, some from older studios that EA gobbled up. Think Bullfrog. And, more excitingly, Origin.

Superannuation picked up four trademarks in all, for the following titles: Populous, Theme Park, Road Rash and Wing Commander.

Populous and Theme Park are interesting, since it was only yesterday EA were saying how keen they were to take a look at some of Bullfrog's classic PC titles. And there have been plenty of rumours surrounding the return of Road Rash.

That's all well and good. I don't really care. Not when there's Wing Commander being mentioned. Sure, it's only a trademark (hardly concrete confirmation that a new game is even in the planning stages), and sure, the last Wing Commander game was a crime against humanity, but none of that matters. My love for the series is so strong it can withstand anything. Movies included.

I like the implications of this. [superannuation]


    What about the Crusader series? I would love to see remakes of No Regret and No Remorse...

    I love Wing commander..... love blasting those cats away.


    please please please please please please please!

    Bring back Ultima. That would be awesome.

    Id love a new road rash. I loved Road Rash on the Mega Drive and 3D and Jailbreak on the Playstation.

      What's the bet for 'outrage' over Road Rash in todays society though?

    But will they make a better game than the originals? That's the question.

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