Early Halo: ODST Players Won't Be Banned If They Bought A Copy

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, you're French. And somehow, your local game store was selling copies of Halo: ODST weeks before it was meant to be out. Then Microsoft threatens action. You'd think "action" meant "XBL bans", right?

Gladly, that's not the case. Well, provided you bought the game, at any rate. Xbox Live Chief of Police Stephen Toulouse has issued a brief statement saying that while Microsoft are looking into how this whole mess took place, "we will not be banning legitimate customers from Xbox LIVE who play early".

So if you're French, speak English, are reading this and managed to get one of those copies... play away! You got lucky, hope you're enjoying it.

If, however, you're in possession of a copy not procured through innocent, legitimate means... well, you deserve what you get.

[Stepto @ Twitter]


    How do they know if your using a legit copy, or a pirated copy?

    There are mod-chips that can play backed-up games with out being detected on Xbox Live, so how will this be different?

    Unless they go by region maybe.

    They can't possibly have sold that many copies..

    That said a quick google search doesn't show any torrents for it.. and you'd think if even one copy snuck out it would be all over the net by now..

    The sucky thing for MS is that even if a pirated copy shows up on the net they can't ban anyone from using it as they can't risk banning even one legitmate user..

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