Eight New Maps For Red Faction: Guerrilla

THQ follows up the success of its single player Demons of the Badlands DLC with a multiplayer pack next month, delivering two new modes and eight new maps to extend the Martian conflict.

The Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Pack, due out on September 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, introduces players to the new Bagman and Team Bagman game types, with the eight new maps included playable in any of the game's multiplayer modes. I'm not sure what Bagman and Team Bagman entails, but I'm sure there will at least be a bag, a man, and in at least one case, a team.

Look for the Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Pack next month, when it goes on sale for $US6.99 or 560 Microsoft points. In the meantime, here is a whole slew of screens to get the old Martian juices flowing.


    Still dont suppose the 48 second lag has been fixed for the online play? Its the only thing stopping me from playing it more...

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