Elite 360 Dropping In Price, RIP Pro Model

Looks like we have an execution date for the Xbox 360 Pro model, with this shot from a Meijer catalogue due on August 30 indicating the 360 Elite is indeed due for a Pro-sized price cut.

You'll remember, of course, that the origins of this rumour—Ars Technica's ever-reliable Microsoft mole—are that the 360 Pro is being phased out, taken off the market entirely, and that the 360 Elite will have its price slashed to that of the Pro to compensate. This will leave only two 360 consoles to choose from: the cheap, hard drive-less Arcade and the 120GB HDD Elite.

'Lo and behold, according to this catalogue, that move looks like it'll take place a couple of weeks from now. So long, 360 Pro model. You lived, you red-ringed, you loved.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back from them.


    Might be time to replace my old release day pro

    anyone else's dvd drive starting to sound.... grainy?

      Not so much grainy as helicopter like...
      I wish they would reduce the price on their hard drives, as with my 20gb "pro" model looks like it will be overtaken by the arcade soon.
      how can the hard drive make up almost 50% of the cost for a new console? It doesnt, so why charge me that much?
      Rage at M$ building....

      I got Microsoft to replace my DVD drive about half a year after I got my 360 (nov '06 model), because it kept giving read errors. Some drive models are known to be dodgy, look it up on the net and compare your model to it.

      Why keep the core, sigh... not forcing the inclusion of a hdd has been the single most (willingly) stupid mistake they've made with the 360, I reckon.

    No, because i bought a 120 GB drive and installed all the games to the hard drive. Honestly it was a really good pyrchasing decision.

    Faster load times, the xbox doesn't make any noise, it runs cooler ( no red ring), your disk drive won't fail, and the game discs are protected from scratches etc

    The elite's still red ring sadly, I have one.

    Yeah some of the Old DVD drives are really noisy and terrible, the new ones are pretty quite in comparasion.

    I don't understand why the Pro doesn't become the Arcade and the Elite the Pro with a new 250Gb (or 320 or 400 or 500Gb) Elite..
    I mean where are people going to install their ludicrously priced Games on Demand if they don't have a Hard Drive?

      Obviously you don't understand marketing or business very well. Nor do i in a degree perspective, but this is pretty much common sense.

      If the Arcade became the Pro... or Arcade with 20GB HDD, then the Elite won't get as many sales.

      MS are trying to attract a more casual audience for more sales. Of corse they want their hardcore gamers here to, cause they're the ones who buy accessories and more games and XBL etc...

      But a casual gamer, lets say they only have around 5 games. Lets say, Guitar Hero, Halo, Lips, Lego Star Wars & some Movie Game. They would probably rent games more often than buy and only play their console once a week or a few times a month.

      They're not gonna rush to get XBL, if they even get that. They're not gonna spend their cash on MS Points and buy DLC etc...
      So whats the use for them for a 120GB HDD? or a 20GB HDD? All they need is their Arcade Console (which i think could at least have 2GB in-built for all consoles).

      Point is. If the Arcade receives 20GB HDD for the price it is now, then Casual gamers or just normal gamers that don't download or install games often, won't upgrade to a Pro or purchase the optional 20 or 120GB HDD accessory. Even not all hardcore gamers buy DLC or Arcade games and only need a 20GB. Its all a ploy in earning that extra buck and sales.

    Makes it very tempting to replace my year 1 pro. Sure am tired of having no room on that 20Gb drive and the buzzing wirrrr of the dvd drive on some games. Be cheaper than getting the 120Gb drive and I get HDMI.

    I agree with Stevo though, I'd much rather see the arcade go away and HDs be the norm again. A 250Gb or 500Gb drive would definitely sweeten the deal.

    If that is a picture from the US, then perhaps $399 in AUS. The current Elite, or what was left of it up until soon hopefully, has an RRP of $499. The Pro is $399 without games and the Arcade, $299 i think.

    My hands on an Elite is getting closer by the day and the sale of a Pro.

    OK... so they reckon the 360 is still going to cost $299, but now you get a bigger hard drive?

    If the rumours (and leaked Best Buy ads) doing the rounds are to be believed, the PS3 Slim will also be $299.

    So the two consoles will be the same price. But one of them includes a BluRay player, wireless network adapter, free online play and allows the user to upgrade their own HDD with a cheap, standard, off-the-shelf one. And the other one doesn't. That's not really a tough decision for most consumers to make, is it?

    The 360 can't, and never has been able to, compete with the PS3 on features, but they've always been miles ahead on price. By taking away the price advantage, they're forcing the 360 to compete on features. Surely MS are just giving up the edge that's enabled them to retain their lead over Sony this generation? Wouldn't it be better to have kept the Pro and cut the price? Or even better, ditch the Pro, and cut the Elite price further?

    Expect to see a very rapid 360 price cut if the PS3 Slim does launch at the same price as the 360. Either that or expect to see MS get caned this xmas season.

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