ESRB Rates Dino Crisis, More Resident Evil For PS3

New entries popping up at the ESRB ratings board website indicate potential releases for Dino Crisis and two Resident Evil titles as PSone Classics on the PlayStation 3.

Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis have of course been in the database for a good long time, but they've each sprouted an additional system under their listings. The PlayStation 3 now joins the previously listed platforms, which one would assume indicates a pending release as PSone Classics, but of course we can never be sure until official confirmation is given. We've contacted Capcom regarding the listings, and are currently waiting to hear back. Until then, the only solid information is that they have indeed been rated for the console.

I, for one, hope they are getting the PSone Classics treatment, as I never did finish the original Dino Crisis and would like to give it another go before admitting I am scared of dinosaurs.

Latest ESRB Ratings [NeoGAF via TheSixthAxis]


    sad day since i cant seem them on the PSN at Australia sigh ill check again soon but not too fast

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