Ever Wonder How Much Activision Honcho Made Last Year?

Last year, Activision had a good year. Activision boss Bobby Kotick had a very good year.

According to your-source-for-other-people's-salaries Forbes, his 2008 salary breaks down like this:

Must be hard to tell developers to make new Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and, now after the Blizzard merger, World of Warcraft games.

We're really not sure how Kotick manages. Letting go rocker action game Brutal Legend surely cost Kotick sleepless nights. That's why they pay him the big bucks! All fourteen million plus of them.

Robert Kotick Profile [Forbes via GoNintendo via VG247]



    This guy has enough money.

    Drop the price of your games, dickwad.

    Why the hell would any one person ever need $15M a year? I don't understand it. The only thing you could do with that is... is... fund massive research from your own personal pocket, or make -more- money. And making more money serves no point, at that point. He's pretty much won at the game of life, there.

    15 mill a year can easily be spent on the finer things in life. a huge boat and plane, personal staff and entourage, eeer more housing than you throw a cow at....... lots of stuff. I'm pretty sure he had to pay tax, but that's still lots of mula leftover. :o

    IN a year.. PFFFFFT! is that all.

    i could earn that in a day asking pass-byers for a buck.

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