Ever Wonder How Much EA Honcho Made Last Year?

Here's a hint, much less than Activision boss Bobby Kotick, much less — like half of what the Activision exec made.

The horror!

EA's John Riccitiello received US$6,365,823 in compensation during 2008. To recap: Bobby Kotick made over $US14 million, while Riccitiello only made $US6 million. Only.

So if you happen to see Riccitiello out on the town, do the man a favour and buy him a round or get him a sandwich. We worry about how he manages. Oh, right. The stock options he liquidated last year for $US7 million, that's how.

John Riccitiello [Forbes via Spong via GoNintendo via VG247]


    I think it's a great thing that Interactive Entertainment execs are pulling in such big bucks. It means that the venture capitalists on the boards behind their operations thinks they're worthy of renumeration in line with their colleagues in the music and film industries, which is a reflection of how far the gaming industry as a whole as come since Lord Blackthorne sat around in his basement coding Ultima games about himself.

    The more money these guys are on, the more they have to lose if their outfits fall over. Which can only be a good thing for gamers, since it means downward presure on the studios to produce high quality output.

    Although I could be wrong, and these guys might just start churning out SingStar games every week while sipping Bruge on their private yahts.

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