EyePet Brings The Dawwww November 17

Sony's given a release date and two pricing schemes for EyePet, its augmented-reality, cute widdle fuzzy wuzkins-ownership sim. North America gets it November 17, price is $US39.99 without PlayStation Eye, $US59.99 bundled with.

The announcement on the official PlayStation blog yesterday was accompanied by a developer demo vid, embedded below.

It's a pretty sharp inducement to grab up a PlayStation Eye, a peripheral many folks haven't given much thought to. Is it enough for you? Seriously, you big meanie, wook at EyePet and tell him you don't wuv him. Thought so. Now give him a scratchy behind the ears. Good boy.

EyePet in Stores on November 17 [PlayStation.Blog]


    It's funny hearing Metallica in the background.

      it's more funny seeing what sony think it is worth!!! i think i'll pass on this one thanx. i was thinking more like ~AU$20

    Pretty impressive technology, I'm very interested in it, but I think I'll hold off buying a playstation eye till the official launch of Sony's motion technology next year.

    I'm sure this will be a hit in Japan though.

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