Fable III Artwork

Want some Fable III screens? Sorry, there are no Fable III screens. So we'll all just settle for the next best thing, and that's these two pieces of artwork.


    so what does this have to do with Che, Abe and Lenin or whoever was on the Molypukes website?

    I'm noticing that Lionhead Studios has a big Fable 3 image on their website.

    F*** me when are they going to get that the family thing was a PAIN IN THE *SS!!!

    I know they're trying to go for a middle ground between Shrek and Monty Python humour, but seriously Fable II failed at this. Hard.

    Lionhead Studios, you are not funny. Get over it.

    Darius: They were revolutionaries. I would take that as a claim that Fable III will be revolutionary or they claim they're revolutionaries.

    Or rather, that Albion undergoes a revolution, where the protagonist is the revolutionary.

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