Fairytale Fights Features Naked Man With A Sword

Don't worry, the latest new character for Fairytale Fights isn't always a naked man with a sword. Sometimes he has an axe.

Two new characters join the lineup for Playlogic's Fairytale Fights today, bringing the roster for the hack n' slash Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title up to four characters. Joining Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood on the quest to regain their former fame will be Jack of beanstalk fame, and the Emperor of no-clothes fame. I'm not sure why the Emperor, who has been tricked into believing he is wearing the finest clothes in all the land, is sporting a leaf, but it's not something I really want to dwell on anyway.

I'm also not going to point out who the Emperor looks like, as my fragile psyche has been damaged enough already.


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