Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Trailer Beamed Up

The Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta downloadable content hits Xbox and Games for Windows Live on Monday, and Bethesda dropped off the official trailer, in case anyone still needs convincing.

Nothing gets me in the mood for a little retro post-apocalyptic science fiction action-adventure like a little operatic chanting. It worked for the original Star Trek series, and it sure as hell works here. The trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the new toys and outfits we'll get to play with in Mothership Zeta, as whoever we've deemed hero of humanity journeys unwillingly into outer space to save the human race from whatever it is those aliens want to do with us. I'm expecting a vicious probing, but then that's what I always expect.


    OMG!!! cant wait, got all dlcs so far, and loveing them!! this just adds more hours to my MOST PLAYED GAME EVER!!! FALLOUT 3 YOUR THE BEST!!! :P

    While Point Lookout has been my favourite DLC so far, this looks like the best serve of 50's/60's alien serial cheese I have ever seen... Bethesda knows what I want! :D Fallout 3 like Oblivion before it has clocked so many hours from me it isn't funny. Bring on more DLC!

    My favourite DLC that I've played so far is Operation Anchorage, particularly the early part. After playing so intensely, figuring out the best value to weight ratio for loot, which weapons and armour to carry around, remembering to pick up sugar bombs, blood packs and scrap metal for various wastelanders, the linearity was refreshing.

    That said, my squad AI was shockingly bad.

    This feels like a cop-out to me, reeks of desperation. Aliens really have NOTHING to do with a post-apocalyptic wasteland and it hardly feels like it's going along with the Fallout theme. Sure sure their were aliens in other Fallout games and even one in Fallout 3 but the earlier aliens were all random encounters and the alien in F3 was pretty insignificant, not enough to warrant a whole DLC really. I loved all the other DLC, especially Point Lookout, but this one doesn't feel very 'Fallout'.

    Fallout to me is post-apocalyptic future stuck in the 50's... Its like a realisation of a old saturday serial, so yeah, it kinda does have some relevance, albeit not by much.

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