Fansites Get The First Gay Tony Screens, And They're Fabulous

I don't see much differentiation in these four screens versus the rest of Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA4Net got these, and IGN says fansites were given them first. Looks like you'll have a gay old time blowing up lotsa crap.

First Gay Tony Screenshots []


    Totally NOT in-game screenshots!


      If you mean because of the persepctives and camera angles, don't forget the PC version has that movie maker whatsit.

      I dont see any other reason they might not be.

    Sweet. Really looking forward to this piece of DLC. I did enjoy L&D, but I have a feeling this chapter will be a bit more fun and weird.

    Same boring city we've been playing for over a year, new storyline and a few re-skinned vehicles just doesn't cut it for me.

    We need a new ENVIRONMENT.

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