Fashion Model Says Beaterator's Coming To iPhone

We break rumour without prejudice to the source, and this one comes from Vogue. Model Jacquetta Wheeler is friends with Dan Houser's wife, Anouchka, and during a visit, she says Dan showed Beaterator to her—on an iPhone.

Now, we already know that Beaterator, produced with Timbaland, is on the way to the PSP next month. Nobody said anything about iPhone, though. And don't ask me why I'm reading a friggin' Vogue fashion model blog, OK? But Wheeler seems awful certain that's the game and that's the platform on which she saw it. Verbatim, here's what she wrote back on August 12:

I stayed the last two nights with my dear friend Anouchka, her hubby Sam and their two adorable kids. It was heaven waking up every morning to their gorgeous little faces in my bedroom saying good morning Auntie Jac. Sam, who works at Rockstar Games, introduced me to Beaterator, a game that's about to come out, produced by Rockstar Games together with Timbaland. It is genius. I don't have an i-phone yet but think I'm going to have to buy one now as this game is so much fun and you can play it on your i-phone wherever you are. You are basically a DJ and the game enables you to create your own mixes. Hook it up to some speakers and you've got a party going on. You don't have to know anything about mixing, no prior experience required, and yet you are left wondering whether you should pack up your current career and move to Ibiza to become the next Sven Vath. Its a LOT of fun. Have a look:

If so, Beaterator would be Rockstar's first ever game for the iPhone.

And whatever the case, Dan Houser might want to think about making his houseguests sign NDAs from now on.

Jacquetta Wheeler's Blog [Vogue UK]


    You mean Sam Houser, brother of Dan, who also works for Rockstar.

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