Fat Princess Problems Detailed, Fix Coming

Fat Princess is great fun, but also - at least at the moment - a pain to play over the PSN, courtesy of some choppy online performance.

Developers Titan Studios hear your pain, however, and promise a fix is on the way. The cause of the issue is the game's matchmaking, which is accidentally pairing players with abnormally high pings. Hence the poor performance.

"Rest assured," they say on the company blog, "we're working on it, and think we have it largely addressed." Hopefully so! Be a shame if this kind of thing stood in the way of people buying/playing one of the most enjoyable PSN games currently available.

Update from Titan: Fixes Coming [Titan]


    It really is a good game. It's the first weekend in a while where I didn't play much XBOX and actually played more PS3. I did have another issue with the game though. We played two games in which one of the princesses disappeared. This meant basically no one could win. I had to stay in the game unfortunately because it was the first game I found with no lag.

      I think I was in that game... I thought the game was going to fix itself after the princess showed up in that top part about a quarter of the way across, but she disappeared shortly after that too...

      Anyway, does anybody know if they plan on fixing the story book bug, where it'll automatically open the first part of the story, while also opening the current part, and have the words all overlapped?

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