Final Fantasy Artist Doing ASCII Art

Famous for his elegant Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, artist Yoshitaka Amano will be drawing Japanese-style ASCII art on bulletin board 2ch.

Folks will vote on which one of the four 2ch characters they want the famed illustrator to do his own interpretation of. The drawing will be shown live on Nico Nico Douga tomorrow from 8:00 to 8:30 PM Japan time.

The day after tomorrow, Amano will do another live ASCII drawing; however, the theme has not yet been announced.

天野喜孝×ニコニコ動画 天野喜孝と「描いてみた」2525年の秋葉原 [Nico Video via Canned Dogs]


    pedobear FTW

    pedobear HAHA WTF

    Yeah #1 FTW but #2Yaru Otto and #3 Jin Sei Owata are also funny.

    I vote for ascii pedobear. ><

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