Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots, You've Changed

Time passes, things change. Me, you and that guy over that. We all change. Even Final Fantasy XIII.

Above is a screenshot Square Enix released in August 2008. Below looks like the same screen, but this was released in June 2009 along with the overseas version of Advent Children Complete.

The biggest difference graphic-wise appears to be the shoulders and shirt of foreground character Lighting.

Here is one of the first screenshots of pig-tailed Oerba Dia Vanille.

This is a recent screenshot of the character.

Compare this initial screenshot of Lighting (above) with a recent screenshot (below).

There appears to be less detail on Lighting's costume. However, the background certainly offers more mode than the earlier one. The hair textures seem different as well. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, indeed.

はちま起稿 - 「ファイナルファンタジー13」は順調に劣化しているようです [はちま起稿]


    WOW!!! Great article! I never even noticed these but I guess I never saved the photos and looked at them next to each other but there is a definitely a major difference! I guess thats why they always says that the final product may differ from what been shown on all demos/trailers :D

    Looks worse... taken down a few pegs for the xbox methinks.

      Don't be a dolt, the Xbox 360 and PS3 near are identical graphically. The first of the third set of screenshots is obviously prerendered, no modern console game looks that good - remember, we're talking about hardware from 2005.

      Yeah right, I'd be amazed if my modern PC could render that let alone a system with 256MB GPU RAM.

    The pink hair it's gone :'( FF isnt worth buying anymore!

    mmmm xbox indeed.

    Looks to me if anything they have softened the screens and added more detail.

    All in all, looks better to me.

    What is Square thinking, don't dumb it down for DVD, her hair in the second pic looks awful compared to the first.

    Thing that stuck out the most to me on the Oerba close up was the drop in poly count on those neck bangles things shes wearing, theyre considerably lower poly count in the new screen shot (the first one is perfectly round).

    I smell another Killzone 2 pre-render bullshot scenario. People need to remember that the tech in the current generation of consoles is starting to age a little and isnt infinitely powerful as they would have you believe.

    Kinda get what you mean, but the tech cant necessarily age and look worse as you go. All that could happen is, everything looks the same. We can't say its looks OLD or anything, cause we have nothing newer than the PS3 & 360 to compare it to.

    But if people think its cause of the 360, then thats ridiculous. Those first screenshots were from 2005 or something like someone said. So if that was when the PS3 wasn't even released or not even the 360, then they were working on the game through SKU's for developers before the consoles releases.
    If so, then the consoles would be able to deliver those screenshots graphically if not BETTER.

    But i imagine the screenshots to be pre-render CGI type screenshots similar to Killzone 2 because i highly doubt they had begun actually developing the game with the 360 & PS3 yet.


    Oh I didnt mean that things will look worse as the tech inside the console gets older, simply that the amount of amazing code wizardry that can be performed on a platform gets smaller and smaller with each new title until you do eventually hit that point of maximum optimisation.

    Pre-rendering is never the way to go in early release media, especially in high profile titles. Your always going to let some fanbase down on some front that way. Dont show anything that isnt concept art until you have some in engine stuff going I say.

    Hey man the new screens look shocking hell terrible bad disgusting. I would pefer since we dont know for sure that this is the finished product that we make our claims once we do know for sure... Maybe these are just another set of test screens for the finished product, hmmm?

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