Five Pairs Of Gamer Shoes I Want To Buy

I'm obsessed with shoes that have anything to do with video games. Luckily, people on the Internet are too, so it's not hard to find a fabulous pair with a quick Google search and a sharp eye for detail.

There's a lot to choose from when it comes to gamer-created gamer apparel, of course. Also people are coming up with new stuff all the time. But I've picked out five pairs of shoes that I've found in the last year which I'd seriously considering buying if I weren't a starving journalist. Check 'em out and by all means point me to your favourites, if you've got a link.

Princess Peach Trainers Created By: Daniel Reese (a.k.a. BRASS MONKI) Shoe Type: Nike Trainers Theme: Super Paper Mario Spotted On: BRASS MONKI's blog Total Cost: £135/$230

These fancy kicks were mocked up by Daniel Reese by my request after I got in touch with him over pricing on the Moogle shoes. Even if it's just a Photoshop job of what the shoes would look like, I think the design is spiffy, I love the colour pink and I find that there's not nearly enough in the way of Princess Peach-related shoes to buy these days.

NES Controller Keds (Classic)* Created By: Danielle (a.k.a. Cole530) Shoe Type: Keds slip-ons Theme: Nintendo hardware Spotted On: Zazzle Total Cost: $US74.50 *Not pictured per Zazzle's site policy.

I remember decorating Keds in summer camp when I was a kid with fabric glue and glitter, but my childish creations are nothing compared to these kicks. I like the design because it's subtle and the colours will go with most of my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I find Keds slip-ons to be beastly uncomfortable until you beat them into submission — and that would probably damage the paint.

NES Controller Keds (Hipster) Created By: Rachelle Williams (a.k.a. ParadoxArtistry) Shoe Type: LA Gear Slip-ons Theme: Nintendo hardware Spotted On: Etsy Total Cost: $US85

I've never worn LA Gear brand slip-ons, so I'll just have to trust the artist's claim that these shoes are comfortable. Other than that, I like how vibrant that red acrylic looks — even if it is too loud to get away with wearing to an office job. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the cord spelling out N-E-S on the back of the right shoe. My preference with gamer clothing of any kind is subtlety that separates gamers from posers. In other words, if you have to ask me what's on my shoes, you clearly aren't cool enough to hang out with me.

Ms. Pac-Man Mary Janes Created By: Lindsay (a.k.a. emandsprout) Shoe Type: Rubber-soled Mary Janes Theme: Ms. Pac-Man Spotted On: Etsy Total Cost: $US28

It's not hard to find ladies sizes of shoes, but I rarely run across actual ladies shoes (heels, slingbacks, etc.) in my quest for gamer clothing. These classic Mary Jane slip-ons are decorated with what looks like felt pieces and tiny accessories, so I'd be a little worried about ruining them after only three wearings. But still, it's Ms. Pac-Man and it's comparatively cheap.

Unofficial Kotaku Shoes Created By: Adidas Shoe Type: Trainers Theme: Kotaku Spotted In: Nordstrom's in Albuquerque, New Mexico Total Cost: Can't quite remember what it cost in the store, but similar shoes on Adidas' site go for $US90

I spotted these while Hanukkah shopping with my dad earlier this year and almost bought them just because they had the Kotaku colour scheme. Sadly, though, they only had mens sizes too big for my little feet. Also, while I could claim I had Kotaku shoes, they're not really Kotaku-themed enough to speak for themselves. Still cool, though.

These five pairs are but a few examples of awesome gamer shoes to be found on the Internet. For further reading, go check out some of the other shoes we've spotted over the years.


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