Flashlights In The Night: Shattered Memories Screens

Due out this fall, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has you exploring the streets of Silent Hill for Harry Mason's missing daughter Cheryl.

The screens give you a glimpse of the PSP and Wii game's flashlight controls, which give the game a bit of extra creep.


    I'm a massive SH fan, but after the last attempt, I'm really scared to play this one.

    The first was one of the best in the series, and I really hope this re-imagining does the original, as well as the whole series, some justice.

    I'm a massive fan of the original series as well, but i was so disappointed with the series post 4: The Room, especially Homecoming that i won't be touching this one.

    I may seem a little closed minded about it but i won't touch a new Silent Hill game until it's back in the hands of Team Silent.

    P.S. But i will definately get the soundtrack, Akira Yamaoka's music has always been a great core part of the series that never fails to set the mood for the game.

    I beg to differ. Having recently played all 5 titles and currently onto Origins, SH2 was by far the best.

    The story is unparalleled even by today's games. It was an absolute masterpiece. SH1 was brilliant and original, but part 2 pushed the benchmark when it came to narrative in gaming.

    The graphics were pretty good too. Still looked quite nice even after 7 odd years.

    Whatever the case, I hope Konami don't go down the RE path to create games that have no real plot or scare factor.

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