Game Gun Guy Promises Console Compatible Retail Version

Redneck Techie, the adorable nutjob who cobbled together motion controls, an LCD screen, and a rifle butt into the "Game Gun," has news for you. He says it'll be retailing by Christmas, and it'll be compatible with all consoles.

Watch him show off the gun again - this looks like a different prototype, with a smaller gun. "Full tracking, all the way around, and you can whip some arse," he boasts. "Or you die." This one looks like a wireless configuration. He says it's compatible with 360, Wii, and PS3, in addition to PC gaming.

Redneck Techie says you may order it here, but I don't see any order form, price, warranty, specs, anything. Caveat emptor, of course.

And what the hell is going on at 1:12? Is he baked? Game Gun Going to be Ready for Retail by Christmas, will be Console Compatible [Engadget, thanks Abdul-Elah]


    Awww... his mullet has been a casualty of fame.

    He had to do two full turns to make his in game character do a half a turn.

      You can just increase the sensitivity.

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