Game Not Blamed For Assault

Let's see if we can predict where this is headed. Two people in Michigan were playing a game when a disagreement ended with someone getting punched. Think anyone's pinning it on the game?

Nope. That's because it's a board game. Monopoly, in fact. A 54-year-old man was playing with a female friend, and when she wouldn't sell him Park Place and Boardwalk - I mean, really! - he hit her in the head, breaking her glasses.

Reader Rich B. wrote in, full of hoary disgust at what these "board games" are doing to the nation. "Wonder if the politicians will finally see reason and call for a ban of all board games, before they destroy our American youth?"

I think it's a valid point. The feelings of being ruined, dealt with unfairly, driven out of business, and unable to pay the rent - even in a virtual environment - creates powerful stress, and it's not hard to see that leading to incidents of anger or violence. And not just in Monopoly. I remember back in Candy Land, this one time I got stuck on a fucking licorice space in Molasses Swamp and the feelings of helplessness were just debilitating ...

Mich. Man Jailed for Assault During Monopoly Game [AP on Google News]



    To be fair, most games of Monopoly I've played end in violence.

    If you want to end an evening on a sour note, Monopoly is the game to play!

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