Gamescon Booth Blitz: Blizzard

The doors to Germany's Gamescon swing open later today, but here's a quick peek at the Blizzard booth. World of Warcraft! StarCraft II! Diablo III! Famous Blizzard games!!


    they better announce the "swapping your character to the opposite faction" thing... that will get me back to WoW...

      they already announced it on the forums

      didn't they already do that? like a few weeks agao

        did they? last i checked (weeks, possibly a month or two ago) they were still going on about the logisitcs of it, and how difficult the whole thing would be... guess i should check these things.

        just checked it out, and it's been announced, but we're not able to do it yet

    I doubt Blizz will announce anything before Blizzcon.

    I'd love to see a switcheroo at Blizzcon, we won't have SCII out by Christmas, but on the other hand the Diablo 3 disc just went gold and will be instores mid October.

    Okay Okay that's not going to happen...

    Any info on Diablo 3 would be awesome

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