Gang-Tackling Moves The Line In Madden 10

This trailer shows off Pro-Tak, the new tackle physics engine for EA Sports Madden NFL 10. If you get stacked up at the goal line, don't expect to ricochet your way to paydirt.

Similarly, it doesn't mean it's all over for the runner. Rather than animate a three- or four-man rodeo as a Quicktime event with an irrevocable outcome (usually falling somewhere near the point of contact) the game now gives you some control to manipulate the direction of the impending pileup.

Moreover, you'll sometimes "have an offensive lineman hit you in the back and give you that first down." Just so long as that's all nice and incidental, m'friend. Otherwise, will this year's Madden include the rarely-ever called "helping the runner" penalty?

Monday Night Madden: Pro-Tak [GameTrailers]


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