Gears Of War 2: Game Of The Year Edition

GameStop have announced today that, starting next month, you'll be able to buy a "bundled" version of Gears of War 2, called the "Game of the Year" edition.

It includes the main game along with all post-release DLC, which comes to 19 maps and the bonus singleplayer level Dark Corners.

The extra content seems to have stopped the game from going Platinum, however, with the Gears 2 GOTY selling for $US40.

Kotaku AU Note: I'll check with Microsoft to see if we're getting this. It'd make up for not getting All Fronts on disc last month.



    So ALL the DLC content then? I'm pretty sure theres already been like 4 or 5 DLC including the one that came on launch.

    Sounds like a good deal though.

    But i really don't re-call Gears of War 2 winning any Game of the Year awards!!!!

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