German Amazon Lists PS3 Slim

Earlier this May, supposed "leaked" photos from a Chinese plant showed what's reported to be the PS3 Slim. The German Amazon site now has a listing for "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim".

Googling the product code number does not show anything else but this listing on

Retailer listings of unannounced products are always fishy. Ditto for this.

PlayStation 3 Konsole slim [ Thanks, Daniel!]


    I'd say there's a more than slim chance the rumours are true...

      Haha, pun intended?

    I work for a major games retailer (take your pick) and we've been told by Sony that a new model is arriving end of August, with the PS3 80gb now discontinued. Sony refuse to confirm but your bets are on the slim.

      Anyone else in retail care to verify this?

    Aww man, I only got my ps3 in January and it's already outdated?

      It's not likely they will put anything new in it. Only thing i could think of is the backwards compability which they took out after launch.

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