German PS3 Slim Listing Now Has Picture

Things are getting more interesting with this PS3 Slim rumour. The German site featuring the listing now has a picture of it, and it looks a lot like rumoured PS3 Slim sightings from before.

Again, same caveat applies. Retailer listings of unannounced products should always be considered suspect, no matter how much everyone's talking about them or sending them around.

PlayStation 3 Konsole slim [, thanks Will P., s m, others]


    and even more oddly the picture seems to have been taken down :S Can't really tell from the small image but it looks sorta boring and ugly..? Hopefully it will look better (and be cheaper to buy) up close :D
    I'd say Amazon is a pretty reliable source as online retailers go so it's basically all but officially confirmed now :D

    Why change the font/logo of it. The Spiderman font is wicked. Nothing wrong with it, so why change it to that ugly font that looks like the PSone font. The PSone being the semi sequel to the PlayStation JUST before the PS2 was released, that should be added to the Top 10 Biggest Frauds i say.

    But yeah, the PS3 is a nice looking machine i say. I think it suits being fat. It is going to be hard to make it look so nice in a slim way, where as the PS2 was easy to imagine slim & it looks better.

    I just hope the PS3 Slim if it every comes to light, doesn't looks like this picture or those previous Japanese or Chinese pictures we saw a few months back.

    If they do release a Slim, and its significantly cheaper than the original, I'll pick one up.

    Mainly for the Blu-Ray's I already own, the Gaming Part will just be a bonus...

    The PS3's Price point is what is preventing me from getting one, since I have a 360 and really dont want to spend 700 on a PS3...

    still looks lame

    Looks ... ok.

    PRICE is THE factor for me.

    I have a 360, Wii and others and haven't really been looking forward to buying a PS3. I did get one for christmas a couple of years back but got a refund instead of keeping it (lack of exciting exclusives at the time).

    Still, if they can beat or match the 360's pricing I might consider it for LBP and some of the Jap/ PSN stuff.

    So... the question is: HOW MUCH SONY????????????

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