Getting Around In Champions Online

The Champions Online open beta is now in full swing, and here's a look at how you'll be swinging, flying and burrowing your way through the new superhero MMO.

My favourite feature of Cryptic's last superhero game, City of Heroes, was the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, teleport about the city, or run super-speed past your enemies. The developer takes this concept to the next level in Champions Online, adding exciting new travel powers to the mix to help players better realise their superhuman fantasy.


    "Open" beta getting my hopes up :(

    Well its not exactly in full swing, a quick visit to the forums will show that quite alot of us are having major issues patching. Like 10 hours and still barely patched anything, or some files downloading to 95% then resetting and re downloading all over again. Repeat 40 or 50 times for some files. But it is a beta stress test after all so while its annoying its to be expected.

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