Ghostbusters Now Looks Better On PS3

Ghostbusters on PS3 took some flak upon release for looking, well, worse than it did on 360. Significantly worse. So Terminal Reality went back to the drawing board, and have today released a patch that should bridge the gap.

IGN say that fixes have been made to both single and multiplayer modes, most important of which is an upgrade to the game's visuals that has resulted in "an increase in resolution to match that of Xbox 360" version. There's also some random freezing corrections, along with the long-awaited fix that'll allow two of the game's achievements - Pay Day and Capture All Most Wanted Ghosts - to actually be unlocked.

Which is all well and good, but until somebody tells me that they've fixed the firehouse save bug (specific notes on other fixes aren't to be found), I'm not touching the game again. Not familiar with it? Well, every time I save my game in the firehouse, and quit, the next time I reload the game it drops me at the start of gameplay in the next mission. Meaning I've endured boring, repetitive missions just to get some plot exposition and hot Peck action, only to find that the game's skipped both of those and dropped me right into the next mission.

New Patch Available for Ghostbusters: The Video Game on PS3 [ign]


    Pics or ban.

      video or lies

    How about that library bug that causes EVEYRONE'S version of the game to either lag, freeze up or kill their PS3's??

    I'd say that'd be a big bug to fix.... fuck the resolution issue

    I was going to get Ghostbusters to break in my PS3 Slim, but after these dire warnings and angry yawns, I don't think I'll bother.

      hmm i havnt had any problems with it except that my kids keep starting a new game instead of loading mine...

    The early word from Digital Foundry is that the PS3 version STILL isn't 720p.

    Coming from a developer that bragged about its PS3 credentials, and how good the game would be for the PS3 in particular, this is a total joke.

    I bet I'd have liked that patch if I hadn't already traded it in. Also, I'm with DansDans. That library glitch was really annoying. Nothing like having to walk through half the level sideways becuase looking forward freezes the screen :|

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