Golden Tee: The Song Is Deadly Ear Poison

Golden Tee, the rare arcade game with mainstream jock appeal, is teeing up for its annual release. How to celebrate? Country music, natch! Brace yourself for the best theme song for an arcade golf game you'll ever hear.

The Ira Dean Band's "It's Golden Tee" really captures the essence of viciously attacking a Golden Tee 2010 Live trackball, kind of like a boot scootin' Buckner & Garcia for the modern age. As an added bonus, you'll get plenty of Golden Tee 2010 Live gameplay footage and a crystal clear look at Ira Dean's orthodontic work.

Go on, take the "It's Golden Tee" Challenge. See if you can make it through all three minutes and ten seconds worth.


    I didn't actually mind it that much.

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