Gorgeous Wedding Gowns In (Or Inspired By) Video Games

Weddings are a summer thing. There's good weather for an outdoor wedding and the most popular month in America to get hitched is August, according to some sources.

So what better way to celebrate the season of weddings than with a quick look at some of the best wedding dresses shown off in video games? A lot of video game characters we know and love have walked down the aisle over the years. Ken got married at the end of Street Fighter II, the entire plot of Dragon Quest V centres around a bride and it looks like Aya's getting down to marital business in the upcoming Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday.

But when it comes to that most important of wedding props — the dress — only a few video game characters and even fewer gamers really get it right. Here are a few fashionable examples:

Princess Peach, Super Paper Mario Peach almost exchanged vows with Bowser at the beginning of the game, but even though the arranged marriage goes bust before the I dos, Peach is rocking that puff sleeved gown with the opera gloves. Observe how the pink ribbon on the bouquet accents the gem in her crown, too. Classy.

Meryl Silverburgh, Metal Gear Solid 4 The cool thing about Meryl's dress is the story behind it. I fangirl'd out over speaking with Hideo Kojima at the Game Developers Conferences this year to tell him how much I liked her dress. He replied through his translator that the animators didn't really know what a Western-style wedding dress looked like, so they had an assistant go out and rent a dress to model for the animators. Good thing the assistant picked a sleeveless number — Meryl is way too ripped to pull off bell sleeves. And kudos on the tiara, but could we loose the gun?

Princess Ashe, Final Fantasy XII With it's ruffled train and extreme gold accessory count, this is a gown fit for a princess. Sadly, though, the veil doesn't quite fit the dress. The length and tiered lace fringe work well, but the giant blue feathers on top and golden cheerios that seemed to be hot glued to the cap scream "I let my little sister decorate this."

Princess Ashe, Final Fantasy XII Here's a veil-less breakdown.

Aidra the Katamari Bride, Real Life Never mind the nerd factor, look at the detail on that dress in the vines and flower pattern. It's delicate, pretty and perfectly coordinated to her headgear. Plus the dress can double as a prom gown thanks to the modest cut and straight fall, if the bride should choose to let her potential future daughter wear it.

There are probably more weddings and even more gowns in more games than I've played. Leave a comment if you spot any. And before you start in on me about the default gown in The Sims 2, I'm not a fan; the Sims don't know how to accessorize.


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