Gran Turismo 5 Details Race Into Gamescom

Because Sony will be showing off both Gran Turismo PSP and Gran Turismo 5 (just like they did at E3) at Gamescom, Polyphony's website has been updated with a few more details on the game, along with some "images".

I say "images" instead of screenshots because they're of the game's...main menu screen, which will be using the same system found in GT5 Prologue; a shiny car, in a shiny place, with an XMB-style bar across the bottom. the details!

Tracks: Around 80 Cars: 1000 (830 "regular" ones, 170 with a little more modelling, with their interiors responding to damage, etc) Damage: Yup, there'll be damage GTTV: GT's in-game TV show, GTTV, is back (it has Top Gear!), and this time can be ported over to your PSP

Sadly, no, there was no release date. Though come on, it's Gran Turismo we're talking about here. It'll be ready not when it's ready, but 2-3 years after it's ready.


    Its like Duke Nukem Forever - only there is more footage and information about it

      Because that joke isn't old.

    Hurry up GT5, i will buy a PS3 just for this game

    I'm dreading the release date for GT5, because that day is the day I finally cave and buy a PS3. Fingers crossed for more price drops before then.

      dropped today, $499 from $799 baby!

    BOOYAH! this is why I jsut bought myself a full HD tv!

    I've never known why they release Prologue and then the proper version?? Whats the reason to this.

    And at least the menu/navigation looks simple and easy to use. That was one problem i had with previous Gran Turismo games. I haven't played Prologue 5 yet though..

    I really hope they revamp/improve the online mode... I haven't played prologue for at least 6 months now (just got bored with it) but you weren't able to hook up with friends and have a race.

    Why would you need any other racing game? Perhaps to fill in the gap waiting for this game, but thats it.

    GT5 has always been ready, I saw a documentary on the GTR and they said that they have finished the game they are just waiting for sony to tell them when to release.

    i was considering commiting suicide but ps3 - GT5 combo gives me at least two years more... Newell's Old Boys you don't exist, your chest is alwalys cold...

    I am a big fan of gran turismo. This game will be the reason why I am gonna by a PS3.

    I'm really getting sick of "updates" to GT5 release, with no real release dates. Every few months we learn of ~100 more cars, more tracks, etc., ...but then nothing. I can hardly wait to try the 1978 AMC Pacer or 1982 Yugo. I can see pics of shiny cars already on the internet.
    This was supposed to be released in 2007.
    They need to fix some major components of this game, like the poor AI, the bizarre racing classes, and the fake rallying mode (rallying is against the clock, not other cars at the same time).
    Visually outstanding, but there are far better racing games out there on real tracks that simulate actual races, not 5 laps.

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