Gran Turismo 5: Q4 2009?

So says this pamphlet for the game, which was passed around last week at Gamescom. You don't need to be a German (or Austrian!) to make out what "4. Quartal 2009" means.

Before you ask, yes, it means Q4 2009. And before you ask, yes, it's a real Sony pamphlet, not a work of Photoshop fantasy. Now, whether the game is actually released later this year is another matter - it is Gran Turismo 5 we're talking about, after all - but with the PS3 Slim soon to be with us and a "mainstream" gaming market to win back, there's no better way to combine the two than with a new Gran Turismo game on shelves.

Or maybe even a Gran Turismo/PS3 Slim bundle!

Gran Turismo 5's Q4 2009 Release Date Confirmed [gtplanet]


    Bring it on, i'm half expecting it to fail but will hold out hope.

    And how long can you hold your breath for?

    I lasted 125 seconds, that's it!

    I have it on good authority that they've only finished working on 3,273 of the planned 5,231 Nissan Skyline models that will be in the game. To launch so soon would be just disastrous!

      Not to mention all the ones they are holding back as DLC.

    @David: its GT & PD, they havnt really changed anything, im certain it wont fail.

    @Toolboy: thats longer than i can! you dont smoke, do you.

    @Mr Waffle: you've got it all wrong, its 3274 of 5320, Go the Dat!!!

    Did you actually come with the idea of a Gran Turismo/PS3 Slim bundle by yourself.

    Sony will be even bigger IDIOTS if its not released in a bundle.

    Q4 also goes into 2010 don't forget. For a Xmas release, it would make A LOT OF SENSE! But i don't find a game of such popular demand is going to be announced to be released around Nov-Dec so late into the year. Usually high profile games, which don't always needs the marketing/advertising that they get, get announced with a time slot way in advance. We all know GT is like with timing though right?

    If they said it was being released next week, everyone would know before hand. But it would make sense to announce the date at least 6 months before hand, i believe. It should have been for a Christmas release like MW2 or Assassin's but those two may just be the reason if its not. It seems like its nearly done and for them to release in March when a lot of other games were pushed to them, would be odd. I expect a GTA IV type release. Random date where no big releases or any releases at all are around at the time.

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