Guess Who's Publishing Modern Warfare 2 In Japan?

Square Enix, that's who. Known best for Final Fantasy, the Japanese game company is once again attempting to expand its portfolio by bringing eagerly awaited first-person-shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Japan.

The company has yet to make an official announcement, but there's a teaser site with a large "2" that fades in and out and quotes from military figures like Patton and Napoleon — just like in Modern Warfare 2. Kwinky dink, this ain't.

2 [Square Enix]


    Having the square enix logo on it would no doubt help drive sales, as people in Japan are very specific about buying from Japanese companies.

    The thing I hate most about CoD is the over use of out of context quotes from random historical military figures.

      Same, it totally affects my gaming and experience in a whole.

      Ugh and WHY do Square Enix need to publish this. Can't they just stick with the only thing they know how to do is make Final Fantasy games that aren't really that great?

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