Guess Who's Singing For Koei Wii Game? Gackt, That's Who.

Japanese musician Gackt has inked a deal to do the ending song for upcoming hack-and-slash Wii title Samurai Warriors 3 from developer Koei. Gackt's music will also appear in TV ads for the game.

The singer appeared in NHK drama Fuurin Kazan and says his hopes to tap his experience playing a character during the Warring States period.

Gackt isn't new to gaming tie-ups — he appeared in Square Enix title Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Check out this video of Gackt looking a heck of a lot like FFVII's hero, Cloud.

<GACKT>「戦国無双3」とコラボ 大河ドラマの謙信役で「戦いの悲しさ表現したい」 [Yahoo!ニュース]


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